Architecture on TV

The ABC has made a selection of films about architecture available on iView for a month. Most of them are things we've watched before, such as 'Sketches of Frank Gehry', about the LA-based architect who designed the Business School at UTS in Sydney, and 'How much does your building weigh, Mr Foster?', about British architect Norman Foster (who designed Deutsche Bank Place and Lumiere in Sydney's CBD).

But my favourite film in the selection, and the one I'd recommend you watch first, is 'My Architect' by Nathaniel Kahn about his father Louis Kahn. It's a moving portrait of a man who had three families (with children from different mothers) and who designed some of the most wonderful buildings in the USA from the Salk Institute to the Kimbell Art Museum. The film follows Nathaniel's journey to learn more about the father he barely knew, through his buildings. It's an extraordinary story..

If ever a film could make you want to visit Dhaka in Bangladesh, it's this one. Watch it and find it why. All the films are available until 15 October, and you can find them here.