The Architecture Drilldown - SLD's newsletter

SLD recently launched a weekly newsletter, but it’s not just any old newsletter. It’s a round-up of all the architecture news published in the past week, from around Australia and around the world.

Emailed to subscribers on Friday afternoons, this curated selection of links is arranged into a handy Drilldown format, making it easy to skim and read the articles most relevant to you, at leisure over the weekend (Saturday morning coffee with a side of industry news, anyone?).

You can read last week’s issue here and you can subscribe using the box to the right, to receive future issues via email.

The Drill is currently in Beta testing phase, and we’ll ask you - our readers - to provide feedback on the format, content and delivery model in early 2019. And feel free to get in touch via email if you have any tips or advice in the meantime.

Thanks for reading and commenting so far!

The Architecture Drilldown