Insight to action: the future of the professional services industry, 2018


The professional services sector is in a state of flux. While globally the sector continues to grow, competition has intensified and margins have gotten tighter. Suppliers no longer have the monopoly on specialized knowledge they once had and corporate buyers want “more for less”. Emerging technologies are upending traditional delivery models and signal more disruption to come.

To explore these issues we surveyed 700 senior decision-makers from professional services companies around the world, distilling the results in our latest report Insight to action: the future of the professional services industry. Most respondents said they felt concerned by this more challenging business environment and unprepared for the future.

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The architectural sector in full swing, from futurA in Delft


This Dutch white paper The architectural sector in full swing‘ was written by Jasper Kraaijeveld, policy advisor Market & Entrepreneurship at BNA (Royal Institute of Dutch Architects) and project member of futurA.

It examines current developments in the architectural sector and compares the situation before the economic crisis to the current market situation, and examines trends. It suggests that - as a result of changing markets - architecture firms have to acquire new competences and think about their business strategy.

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