How Architects use research: case studies from practice, by RIBA


For architects, research can be a difficult concept to pin down and define. But what is clear is that research can be the intellectual fuel for the engine of innovation and growth in architects’ practices.

To develop a research culture in practice there are some key questions that need answering:

  • What research knowledge do architects need and how do they use it?

  • How does research bring value to architects’ practices and their clients?

  • When do architects undertake research for themselves and how do they connect with academics and other research specialists?

This short publication uses case studies to inspire architects’ to recognise the research they already do, and to integrate research activity as part of their business models so they can reap the benefits of the knowledge available to them.

Recommended by:

Naomi Stead and Sandra Kaji O’Grady, Deans of Monash and QUT architecture schools respectively, in their Dossier on research in large practices, Architecture Australia, July/August 2018.

How architects use research - RIBA

How architects use research - RIBA