Business and Practice Management Systems Survey Results

Management for Design and the Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) have recently conducted our second independent survey of Business and Practice Management Systems used by, and available to, Architects, Engineers and Consultants in the Australian marketplace. This is the only comprehensive survey of this information undertaken in Australia with the actual users.

As you are aware there are a myriad of business and practice management systems available to your business and the industry to manage your finances, projects, clients and documents. Currently there is minimal independent information describing the effectiveness of these systems and minimal expert assistance regarding making the right choice for you and your business.

The purpose of the survey is to research and assess the functionality, effectiveness and importantly the use of the various business systems used in practice. The results are a summary of the actual users experience and we hope to assist you to make a more informed decision around what’s right for your business. The work involved:

• Investigating the technologies available in Australia

• Formulating and distributing the market survey

• Collaboration with the Association of Consulting Architects

• Analysing the results of the extensive market survey.

We have collated the results of over 210 businesses across Australia varying in size from 2 people to over 500 people—an increase of 20% on last year. Thanks to those of you that provided responses to the survey.

Click on the image to access the report.