John Wardle, John Wardle Architects

I first interviewed John Wardle when he was designing QV1 in about 2003, and I interviewed him again in 2017 for Habitus magazine. The story ran on the cover of Issue 37 and you can read it here.

I think John's work - which includes two Robin Boyd winning houses in recent years and many large projects including the Melbourne School of Design - is reshaping they way we define architecture in Australia.

Like Glenn Murcutt, who is often referred to as a quintessentially Australian architect, John's work responds to context, vernacular and climate, but his way of twisting and carving forms to frame views or shape sight-lines adds an extra dimension, in my opinion.

He wrote to me after the Habitus article was published, and said: 

Hi Rachael,

A belated thank-you for the great piece you wrote for Habitus, a few months ago now.  I was pleased you understood my arcane habits. You covered the lengthy span of my working life with great care and sharp observation.

My thanks and best wishes,



Photography by Marnie Hawson.

John Wardle