The Back House

By CODA Studio

Architects Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong are partners in business and in life, and they designed this house for their family in South Fremantle. It's no coincidence that Kieran lived in this street as a toddler with his grandparents, making their children the fourth generation to call the neighbourhood home.

Sited at the rear of a supersized lot (1200m2 - a rarity for this suburb) the house was designed around a modular building - or donga - that had previously served as a display suite at another of CODA's projects. That prefab structure now forms the kitchen / dining / laundry zone, while the other wing - containing living and sleeping spaces - was custom built. It's a small project that connects the family to their community, in the same way that much of CODA's work contributes to a greater good.

You can read the story from HOUSES here.

Photography by Bo Wong. Published in HOUSES 117.