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It's not enough to write about architecture and design: Sounds Like Design wants to engage everyone in an important conversation about why good design matters. Many architects we've spoken to concede that they can appear lofty and aloof when discussing design ideas, so Sounds Like Design aims to provide a bridge between professionals who speak "design language" and the broad public they serve.

Join in the conversation via the Sounds Like Design blog, and on Twitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #gooddesignmatters to share your thoughts and ideas:

  • Has living in a well designed house or apartment improved your life?
  • What changes would you like to see occur in your built environment? 
  • Share your feedback on one of our articles.

Whether it's your home, school, hospital, shopping centre, public space, city or town, share your experiences about how good design has the potential to, or already did, improve your life.