What is sounds like design?


At a time of tightened budgets, some argue that good design is an unaffordable luxury.

Exactly the opposite is true: in straitened times, investing in high-quality architecture is the best possible use of public money.

- RIBA President Ruth Reed

Sounds Like Design is a communications agency for architects, with a specialised focus on design and the built environment.

Founded by Rachael Bernstone in 2016, it builds upon her passion for, and love of, all things architectural. Her interest has taken her back to uni to study architecture history and theory, around the world to research sustainable and affordable housing; and across the length and breadth of Australia to interview more than 1500 architects for magazines over the past 16 years.

With qualifications in journalism and architecture, Rachael and her team of communications experts can demystify the language of  architects, so that everyone can understand the benefits of good design.

What can we do for you? 

Sounds Like Design provides strategic advice about communications and marketing; and produces written and visual content for websites, social media, submissions, tenders, awards entries, publication, media kits, and more.

We also prepare specialist and technical copywriting about architecture, engineering and construction projects and firms, and products and materials for the AEC industry.

Our main activities include:

Journalism and writing

-      For magazines, corporate publications, policy submissions and books

Marketing and communications

-      For architects and allied disciplines, including interior designers, landscape designers, artists and industrial designers


-      On boards, juries, and with industry groups and peak bodies.

Sounds Like Design is based in Perth, and works with newspaper and magazine editors locally and internationally, and architects who are based in every Australian state and territory.

In all of our activities, Sounds Like Design aims to promote discussions about the value of good design to improve the overall quality and sustainability of the built environment.


We communicate about architecture and design

using language that everyone understands. 

Contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs and our consultancy rates, or sign up here for Sounds Like Design updates and news.